May 26, 2012

Best Worship Albums of All Time

1. Divine Invitation by Something Like Silas

Released in 2004

This album is always fresh. What I mean by this is that no matter how many times I listen to it, God always speaks to me. Simply put, the lyrics and the sounds of this album are anointed. In my opinion, if a musician or lyricist is not anointed for a certain purpose, there efforts in the music arena are pointless. This album provides biblical descriptions of our Lord. Through the opening song, “Creation’s Call” the band is singing and playing passionately and crying out with all of creation of the glorious and masterful Creator God. Each song has a very personal feel to it, these are not “cookie cutter” worship songs, songs like “Spirit Waltz” reveal the very loving and relational aspects to God’s character. Songs like “In the Burning” and “Weight of the World” lift up adoration to an all-powerful God who “carries the weight of the world” and whom we will find “in the fire”. Finally, most appropriately, after being shown many characteristics and beauties of this loving Savior in the songs preceding, the album ends with the  powerful “I Fall”. Everytime I hear this song I am reminded of all the times the Lord has touched me and I can’t help but fall on my knees and in love with Him again and again and again.

2. Ascend the Hill by Ascend the Hill

Released in 2009

Ascend the Hill has amazing sound and lyrics. If you love alternative rock as I do and love that sort of ambient sound, this is a good mix. The lyrics are amazing, they are pure poetry. In the opening song “Sing” the chorus rings out in a psalm saying, “For You are good, and your merci will defend/ your loving kindness lasts it knows no end/ And I sing, I sing, I sing of your faithfulness, I sing of your truth again” and in the the following song “Spend it All” the lyricist writes, “I open up my eyes oh Lord, to see all the things You’ve done/ I open up my heart oh God, to feel Your unfailing love”. All of the other songs can reflect the heart of a worshipper that is reaching out with extended hands and hearts to their Savior, Lord and First Love. Ascend the Hill is no doubt a worship team that is meant to usher the Lord’s church into the presence of God. Their rock ballads are all encouraging listeners to open up themselves to the Lord and let Him have free reign in their lives. This album’s theme seems to be focused on sacrifice and much like the prostitute that poured her costly perfume on the feet of Jesus and washed them with her hair, this album seems to have that attitude. The scripture that comes to mind is Romans 12:1:

“And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice—the kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him.

3. Live From Bethany World Prayer Center by Deluge

Released in 2008

This album is so anointed. The attitude of this album is very much the battle cry of the Lord’s church. Utter joy just seeps through this album! With the opening song “I Believe” the leader sings about the promises of God and how the world, “Can’t take You away from me!” which makes me think of the passage in Romans 8 where Paul says, “What can separate us from the love of God?”. The beginning of this album is very jolly with a very David-like dance-before-the-Lord feel to it. Deluge’s sound is like a mix of punk rock, and gospel with bluesy rock guitar riffs. It even has a sort of hip-hop sound on the song “Crazy” where the worship leader is doing this sort of sing/rap. Then the album transitions into gentler songs such as “Open Up the Sky” which call upon the Lord to come and meet them (the church) there and that He is all they need. The later half of the album “Dear Jesus”, “Whisper His Name”, “Make Us Holy” are soft cries of the heart for the Lord to come and change his people’s hearts and make us more like Him, “Make Us Holy”. After listening to this album I am fired up for Jesus, and want to know Him more and seek out more of who He is!

4. Aftermath by Hillsong United

Released in 2011

This album is simply beautiful. God has given Hillsong Church a very specific calling and every single one of their albums releases songs that are anointed and for that specific time or season.

This worship team is doing something right because this album made it into the top 10 albums sold around the world. God has given this church a calling to fame, and th use that fame to glorify God’s name. This album is different then albums in their past, it is less catered for a typical church service, it is more of a mainstream feel to it with each song being a masterpiece in its own. It melodies are haunting and stirring. Anyone could not help but finish listening to this album This God must be beautiful.

The sound is apealing to a wider range of audience because of the use of synth and electronic feel. In the radio version of “Search my Heart”, the song carries a dance beat that draws in the modern young person. This album is on this list because they create beautiful music that glorifies the Lord, draws its listeners into the presence of God and has personally been a blessing to me. “Search My Heart” echoes this lyric in their song that can sum up the feeling I get from this album as a whole, “Without you I am nothing!”

5. Faith + Hope + Love by The Hillsong Worship Team

Yes, another Hillsong album. However, this is not Hillsong United, but simply Hillsong. This album is a masterpiece musically and lyrically. It has a very similar feel to the Deluge album in that it is very much of a battle cry and a loud praising of the Lord. When the guitar lick from the first song begins , my attention is instantly diverted and I am taken to another place. A place where all I see is a host of people worshipping the Lord, and I among them. I get chills just thinking about the song “It’s Your Love” where the wonderful Darlene Zschech belts out to Jesus , “It’s Your love, it’s Your love, it’s Your love that has saved me. It’s Your blood, it’s Your blood, it’s Your blood that has claimed me.”

I never get bored of this album, and I shouldn’t if it is truly anointed by God. This is the kind of album that if you put it on in the car, you might find yourself pulling over so your can worship the Lord then and there. I always pop this one in the focus on the Lord while on the way to school or church. The overall theme of this one can be of the beauty of the Savior and what He has done on the cross so that we can have eternal life with Him. Such beautiful simplicity yet a profound nature in the message of this album.

**Wordpress is freaking out and won’t let me do a caption for this album. This one was released in 2010.


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