Darling Daughter, For You I Bled

This is a narrative style poem I found incomplete in my old journal from over a year ago. I finished it 🙂

Oh, pure daughter of the King!
here she comes afresh from the apple of her Father’s eye
standing on His promised rock,
gazing into the stars which reflect His eyes.
Her eyes there stayed transfixed.
Peaceful she waited along the river of her loving Father, when
in the corner she saw a glint, a sparkle
that caught her.
She left the place of rest.
Reaching into the water she
beheld a treasure that lit the dirty river bed aglow
and then there the nest of the life-giver she left.
Grasping onto that mysterious sparkle
she ventured away from the calming waters. If only she knew it was merely fool’s gold!
Her gaze, stolen from the path she was taking
she stumbled along, circles she was making
leading nowhere but on a never-ending quest that could only lead into darkness.
Death by a sparkle
As soon as she left her father’s place, lately
the glowing treasure seemed to be quickly fading
until it seemed but a mere black rock that she now beheld holes in that very spot.
A glimpse of herself in a mirror that stood afloat followed her wherever she would go
showing her the scars and gaps that had eroded all that she was, stealing away everything she once had.
Even so, she held onto the deathly treasure and ventured, afraid,
into this sickly weather.
With every step away  from the river the growth and green would shrink and wither.
The stars that once showed her Father’s eyes fell like fire from the sky.
Her feet bled from the unending journey, and she could not take a breath
for noxious embers were burning.
One glance away from the Father’s eyes and she was captured,
lured by the glow of a perishable treasure
away from the riverside.
Entangled she was, by all her folly and entrancing lies.
She would try to release her grasp from the mystery that led to her demise.
There, she remembered a story
of a life-giving water,
a stream that flowed ever-true that gave peace to all who dwelled there,
all who allowed its current to shape them and reform them as of a Potter.
She then, once more, looked into the mirror that had reflected her wretchedness
and then screamed out,
“How has all gone amiss!”
She made her free hand a fist and shattered the glass of shame.
Falling to her knees, all the shame cut into her knees, making her bleed
and she cried out, “Father, please!
Let your river run over me again, give me peace!
Forgiveness I need!”
A cool wind then blew over and she lifted her eyes to behold
a light that shone brightly in the darkness of her residence.
“My dear, stand up!
Let my wipe your tears.” Coaxed the light
that seemed to resemble a man.
The girl rose, but still clasped her hand with her treasure closely.
“Your wounds let me take them!”
She then held out her hand, still clenching the black coal.
The light, which was now a man with crimson trickling down His forehead opened her hand
revealing a palm eroded.
The weary daughter noticed how His eyes twinkled,
like the stars of her Father she once gazed on.
Then, she beheld the man
Now as torn as she, she pleaded,
“Why have You, of brilliant light, shamed yourself by coming into my dark residence?”
Though crimson now ran from his hands and feet, and the thorns of the dark wood bound Him
and cut Him deep
He smiled ever-brightly
“I came to find thee, to take your cuts of shame,
to shatter your pitiful reflection,
to restore your eroded soul that dwells in darkness.”
She then cast herself at His feet.
“Why? This blood that runs on your brow should be mine!”
The man still smiled but from want of breath in the noxious place, hung His head.
“Now He is dead, Woe is me!” she cried,
“You should not, You of Great Light, experience the darkness of Erosion.
What have I done but forsaken my Father’s place,
for a glint, that led to my shame?
Who are you, and why doth thee of perfection want to take all my blame?”
Laying, face down, at the bloody feet of her rescuer
she felt the earth around her shake three times.
She rose to see her dark wood fade fast, as if only a blur.
Her dreary residence slipped away and she beheld a great flood of water headed her way.
The swift, yet gentle water swept her up and away.
Being now submerged in the cool deep,  she watched as her hands now show no signs of decay,
Her skin, sallow, now was as pure as snow.
Then a glow appeared above the rushing tide she was in,
lightening the waters that had healed her, washed away her sin.
She swam easy up through the water and when she surfaced
the light she saw was her Father and around her the place of rest she had almost forgotten.
No more thorns, or growth that had wilted, only a clear sky
and a green beauty that enveloped her.
There was then, another by her Father’s side, who had the shape of a man but shone just as bright.
“Could it be?” she whispered aloud.
“Could my perished redeemer be in the place where my Father’s glory and light reside?”
She climbed out of the water towards the seat of her Father and saw that the two were one.
A clear and gentle voice then silenced her confusion and she sat on the riverbed,
she could see that scars marked her Father’s feet, hands and head. He said,
“Darling Daughter, For You I bled.”

The beginning very much reflected how I felt at that time. I could not finish it then because I had not undergone the deserts and fire that I have in the last year to be able to testify of God’s grace so completely. God is so good and begins things in our hearts and completes them in His perfect time!

(I started the new portion with the line “She then, once more, looked into the mirror…” from then on is new stuff and before that is the lines I wrote over a year ago)



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