“Your love, a well that runs deep within my soul”- Spirit Waltz by Something Like Silas

I was listening to this great song by Something Like Silas and I began to ponder what truly a deep love for God was. I always say to God “I love you, forever.” What does that mean as opposed to not-forever in human terms? I began to ponder what a shallow love looked like, and my mind instantly gravitated to the concept of infatuation.

When anyone first “falls in love” there is an excitement that is very tangible.  Emotions are full and passion is raging. This is a natural stage when entering into a life of deep love for someone; but, when I thought of infatuation the descriptions of these two things seemed strikingly similar. Infatuation is different though when it comes to the condition of the heart; and, yet, it is too often taking the place of a true love.

Infatuation depends on how someone is making you feel, and if it satisfies. This constrasts heavily with love; for, if love runs deep, how can it by fickle emotion? I was dwelling on that as I listened to Spirit Waltz and something clicked within my spirit, pumped its way through my heart and finally to my mind. I began to think why so many Christians aren’t faithful, and who stumble under pressure on the first test thrown at them. How could this become of this new love that had beenplanted in them? Infatuation never lost its place over that true and deep love. That seed planted in them was never taken to next stages, the stages where things may not be as new and trust even when God’s love isn’t as tangible.Why is His bride (God’s church) being unfaithful? The roots of love don’t run deep, the well isn’t going deep enough into their own hearts. Their love for God is shallow.

Many Christians fall in love with a God experience and all of the emotions that accompany instead of falling in love with the very beautiful character of God. These revelations and encounters with the presence of God in a tangible way are definitely neccesary to knowing more of God. Nonetheless, I think the fact that God is forever present and His love moves past shallow emotion should be a reason to love Him. This deeply emotional, and tangible time is normal when first beginning your relationship with God. However, there will be a time when your love for God will need to grow up and you may have to trust more than you can feel. There will be a time when you realize your relationship with God is not one-sided, it is not all about you or treating God like a vending machine. There may be a time where you have to surrender all fear to God and follow Him, even in the dark and even through fire.

His well of love runs so much deeper and it does not stop at those sprout moments of emotional excitement. Your love must grow through trial and even through fire if it wants to thrive even in the darkest of spaces. Love endures pain and trial and fire. The little flame of infatuation is commonly put out at the first sign of trouble. Why? Infatuation seeks self satisfaction while love serves, and lives to do so. God offers us His infinite love from the start, yet we are starving ourselves by thinking it only touches emotions. It runs deeper and it must be sought out. Even through the driest of deserts when it feels as if God has abandoned-even though he said in His Word he would never leave us or forsake us. Even when you take God’s hand and he is leading you through fire and refining your soul, purifying you and making you more like Him so you can draw even closer and deeper in love with Him.

I am not going to lie and say that our relationships with God must always be void of emotion. God does touch our emotions, that is how he first lets us know that he is really there and he will make His love love tangible many times throughout your relationship with Him. Those exciting emotions aren’t always going to be there. Reading your Bible isn’t always going to be as exciting as it was when you first commited your life to the Lord and had a life-altering, tangible experience at the altar. I sometimes get frustrated because I realize I am not as passionate about reading the Bible as I might have been after a certain youth retreat I went to or emotional encounter I had. I realized, though, that if the Lord was constantly pouring and pouring into my life, how would more room be made? I realized this lesson nearly two years ago, I realized my love for God didn’t run as deep as it could. I thirsted for God, to know Him more intimately. I realized this required emptying out myself and preparing the soil in my heart for a new seed to be planted and any neccesary weeds to be pulled out. The previous plant that God had planted had thrived and blossomed, but now it was wilting because its season was over and it was time for a new and even deeper level in the love of God. So I emptied myself, let any weeds be pulled out of my heart no matter how painful to make room for the new seed God intended to grow in His love, wisdom and understanding.

Those deserts, those times of fire (or weeding ) where things seemed completely out of our control are vital. They make us thirsty again. Our passion is not just renewed but deepened as we trust in the Lord and fall even deeper in love with Him and we stumble after Him among the seemingly endless dunes. His love has never left us, but was so strong that it led us through that desert once we put all trust in Him.

There is this book I read called Hinds’ Feet on High Places where it was an allegorical representation of our walk with God. In the beginning stages our the Lord leading her towards the “High Places” the Shepard (God) walked with her through fields and meadows and showed her beautiful things about his love and enveloped her (the main character, Much-Afraid) with His love, something so sweet she had never felt. As the time went by, it was time for the next stage in the trip where the Shepard could not accompany her anymore, she had to trust that the Shepard was sending her the right way and that His love could reach even across mountains. The Shepard gave her two companions, Sorrow and Suffering, to guide her through the treachery of the trip. As she progressed and encountered deserts, and precipices, the presence of the Shepard was less tangible, and she sometimes had to be practically carried by Sorrow and Suffering. What was beautiful is that there were times in her journey where the Shepard appeared and comforted her and gave her that time of rest from climbing. When it came time to completely surrender her life, and place herself on an altar for her heart to be “weeded” and for her to completely abandon herself to the will of the Shepard, He seemed the farthest. This step was, however neccesary to ascend to the High Places, it was then the Shepard carried her to the High Places and she saw that he was, indeed, a Majestic King whose beauty shined brightly. She looked down at the place where the Shepard had plucked out the plant he had originally put in her and saw not a wound but a new plant. He had been with her always, watching her and guiding her and Sorrow and Suffering were indeed Grace and Glory that had carried her through the times where her own strength had gone away.

Love, God’s love, is so strong, so deep, it doesn’t require constant babysitting by emotions. So do you love God? Would you follow Him through fire? Through the dry times in your life when God seems to be nowhere, but he is simply deepening the trust; thus, deepening the love.

I have realized this theme reoccurs throughout my blog in various forms. It is so important not to get caught up in “The Hype”, to chase after conference or retreat in hopes to get “treated”. Don’t forget to take that love he has instilled in you and imitate Christ in that he served others. At the end of Hinds’ Feet on High Places, the Shepard (the King) gives her a new mission and sends her back down into the very valley she had came out of, this time with the love of God to accompany her, that gave her hinds’ feet to descend the path that was previously difficult with ease. Testify of that love and share it! Continue to seek after God. When you can feel Him so near, and when you feel he is so far-thats when you pray harder. Love the Lord by serving Him, waiting at the door of His wisdom and dutifully listening to His voice.

A white-tailed deer drinks from the creek;
I want to drink God,
deep draughts of God.
I’m thirsty for God-alive.
I wonder, “Will I ever make it—
arrive and drink in God’s presence?”
I’m on a diet of tears—
tears for breakfast, tears for supper.
All day long
people knock at my door,
“Where is this God of yours?

Why are you down in the dumps, dear soul?
Why are you crying the blues?
Fix my eyes on God—
soon I’ll be praising again.
He puts a smile on my face.
He’s my God. ” Psalm 42 1-3, 11

Spirit Waltz by Something Like Silas

“Your cup of grace is deeper than, is deeper than the Ocean.

Your strong embrace is wider than is wider than the sky.

Jesus, my heart cannot break enough for,

your love a well that runs deep within my soul.

Your Perfect words go further than go further than tomorrow.

And when my world shakes you pull me through, you pull me through the storm.” to listen go



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