You’re gonna have to deserve me

Bradley Hathaway inspired me with his “to-the-point” poet style, Here ya go::

As I sit and think about the girls walking around with massive wounds and scars over their hearts, it makes me think of where my heart would be if it wasn’t kept in the careful hands of my Lord and Savior.
Maybe crushed and scattered, and leaving pools of blood as I dragged it along. I do cry,
for those that have been bled dry.
But you must understand, I will never have to, never will fight to keep my heart attached to my body.
I’ll be carefully wrapped, undetectable on any typical male radar.
I’m sorry I am not the kind that is seen with “American Eagle” tightly hugging every delicate curve that was meant to be sacredly guarded. You see, I am not some billboard to attract attention
I’m not some pretty pet on display for the world to pick at and play with
I’m perfectly made, made perfectly to give praise to my God
I refuse, oh I refuse to fling myself, then I’d cease to know myself as I sit thrown away in the dumpster out back.
I’ll never be the first to act. Trying to get in line with the guys doing something that wasn’t meant to be mine, that won’t be me. Can’t you tell, I’m like the one waiting in the tower for my prince, not the other way around.
Cherished, every bit from my freckles to my eyebrows. Worth far more than gems, and I won’t spend my life trying to mend hurts from giving my heart to someone else.
I will press, not regress to push my destiny as a Proverbs 31 women of God.
Feminine is not flaunting, but keeping; not restless, but seeking; not an understatement, but an exclamation of God’s beautiful composition. I am beautiful, the crown of his creation. Remember that. In spite,
I simply want to be a light
illuminated and shining bright as the stars, my Savior will be distinctly clear cut from my covering up
But I do have a love, an intimacy
with one who adores everything about me, and I Him. I gave my heart to Him, wrapped perfectly in a bow but exposed to see the depths of my soul…only he can take that peek.
I will not pretend, or make amends that I know there will be someone to come along who pursues to attain even a glimpse in my heart. One who’ll see my dreams, passions and all the things that have been dutifully kept and cared for inside.
Maybe someday those things will be seen;
but, you’re gonna have to deserve me.

-Bethany Porter


3 thoughts on “You’re gonna have to deserve me

  1. You’re absolutely right Beth! I’m so happy to hear that you know and are confident in the identity that you have in Christ. I wish I knew this when I was 16 haha, it would have saved me a lot of heart ache in pain. I just want to encourage you to never settle for anything less, God knows your heart. 🙂 I also to encourage you to keep writing and singing, it’s been touching a lot of people! 🙂 Talk to you soon girly! 🙂

  2. Hi Bethany,

    Your are truely blessed and have been fed words of life by your family and friends and have got to know who you are in Christ. Not many girls or ladies are fed words of life but words of death and that is how the fall victim to the world. They have not been given what it takes to stand. I hope that you will pass your works of life to those that have been weak and have not been given the love of self.

    You are blessed and my peace and understanding be your strenght to give back to those who need the strenght to stand even after they have fallen.

    God Bless

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