Heavenly sounds

Blindness series #2

Cymbals crash and the heart is awakened
a steady drum begins and dry souls dance to its beat
fingers moving from chord to chord replaying what it echoing in spirits
Words drift from mouths filling the room to every corner
Heaven descends, earth is no more

Who knew the heart could be played upon strings?
Sounds drifting towards the Throne, we become like eagles flying on wings
Scars and bends, His love mends

When I come into youth, typically I am pretty exhausted and stressed from the workings of the day. It seems like, though, that as soon as I hear the first drum beat or chord from a song to my Lord, my heart begins to flutter. I hear the song unfold and my heart takes a journey every single time.  You all know how music can really capture someone, take a hold of their mind and heart and change their perspective. Really, a lot of music today seems to aid in the destruction of lives. Music can heal too.

God created music. Music was drifting around in heaven from the beginning and God blessed us with it, which I think is amazing. Music is spiritual, who else can explain for the cases of lifestyles being altered simply because of choosing to listen to one band. A song can set a mood, unlock an emotion, and take the person on an emotional and spiritual journey, God-inspired or not. Profane music releases lustful emotions and images into someone’s mind, a love song sets up emotions of desire, and a country song- well- makes you miss your dog (no hard feelings to you country music lovers). Music is powerful, having the influence to change opinions and thus change how a people function. Unfortunately, music has led many down paths of darkness; but, like I said music can bring healing.

I am not saying all non-Jesus music is trash. It can be inspirational and make one feel better and happy. It just doesn’t reach that deep into your heart. It cannot forever change your life. Music that is inspirational can miss one important element: God.

Let me put it straight. Music doesn’t only come from God, it can come from Satan. Satan can disguise music as good. I noticed that a worldly song that may inspire people speaks of the strength coming from people. I think Satan has his way by simply doing this: making sure God isn’t present and not apart of any lyric. It is very easy to be blinded to this because the thought of being able to “recover” and “make it through” on our own appeals to our flesh and feels right. I know though that when a song is inspired by God, it reaches deeper than emotions but goes straight to our core and can truly change us.

God’s word is alive and working and is sharper than a double-edged sword. It cuts all the way into us, where the soul and the spirit are joined, to the center of our joints and bones. And it judges the thoughts and feelings in our hearts.” Hebrews 4:12 (NCV)

Like this verse says, God’s words in any case reach down into the deepest parts of us and bring to our realization our needs for renewal. Usually when a song is inspired by God, his scriptures are sprinkled throughout and thus have an amazing impact on the individual. Worship music brings in emotional, spiritual, and mental impact. I believe that those who wrote a song under the influence of God’s Holy Spirit, their music will have the most profound impact. It will be like sounds streaming from heaven. Ones that change lives, bring people to their knees before our God our King, and open their hearts to let God’s love flood in and heal them of their hurts. When music is inspired by God, it can heal.



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