Sanctified Sunday-last of week’s series

I just realized that the time on my blog was six hours ahead. So, whenever I’d post late like this, it would say its the next day. So thats why I’ve been all mixed up about what day it is!

I loved Sunday School this morning. We just did our own seperate devotions and I loved hearing what everyone had to say. We were reading Galatians and the verse I chose was Galatians 2:14, 16

” ‘If you, a Jew, live like a non-Jew when you’re not being observed by the watchdogs from Jerusalem, what right do you have to require non-Jews to conform to Jewish customs just to make a favorable impression on your old Jerusalem cronies?’…We know very well that we are not set right with God by rule-keeping but only through personal faith in Jesus Christ.”

This verse really impressed on me because it reminded me of how I used to live. I thought if I knew the “laws” that that would earn me the utmost favor in God’s eyes; but, it was my faith in Him, the faith that meant using that power that is spoken of in his “law” and using it to go out in faith to share His love. This morning was also weird for me to certain extents. I wasn’t in choir anymore due to a busy schedule and so I was sitting down in the audience watching the choir I had been apart of for almost a year sing. They seemed so far than their usual close comfort, if that made sense. Before service my friend Ian and I were chitting and chatting about Newboys song They Don’t Serve Breakfast in Hell. Ian made the best joke that was so awesome. In the song, one of the lines was “when the milk had turned…” and we kept on going on about it and Ian said “Don’t you be eyeing my 2%” and that had to be the joke of the century. I was so excited by it that I turned to Rueben next to me and said it to him and he just gave me one of his confizzled glances and laughed at the joke he didn’t understand. Great stuff.

 We had missionary speakers today and communion. During communion it was really neat that people stood up and yelled out statistics of how many people have never heard the name of Jesus in other countries. The numbers were horrific, just to put into a perspective, 1 billion in Africa have ever heard Jesus’s name. If you didn’t know, that is about 1/6 of the world’s population, and that is just in Africa alone. The other countries combined also went well over a billion. Pastor Cole was saying how these people could wrap around the earth in a line 30 times.

I feel completely dorky for this, but I am weird anyway so whatever. Someone had needed a picPA2500763ture of me to put next to a testimony on their website. I was thinking man, nobody is going to want to take my picture for me, their all tired or occupied. So…I put the camera on a tripod and set it to a timer, ran in front of the camera, and posed awkwardly. Then I had a little fun so it wasn’t that dorky, in my eyes anyway. I’ll put one of my silly pictures up. The rest of my day consisted of one thing, painting.

I mean alot of painting. Time kind of slipped away under my determined mindset of finishing the second layer on the main wall and getting the trim done. I began at about 2:30 and went into my orange paradise, blasted Barlow Girl’s new music, and painted and painted. I took a small break since it took my over an hour to completely finish the second layer of orange on one wall and the corners. During that break I looked up stuff about orange rooms and found out orange is used in spas for relaxation good and is also known to stimulate hunger. It read that as I was finishing up my chocolate coverd pretzels oh no. After I went back in, I didn’t come out until the clock read 6:30pm. After eating a meal that consisted of half leftover BBQ chicken and newly cooked food I went back into my room on full to finish. It was already late when I finished the orange part, but I felt compelled to start the trim. I popped open the lid to the golden, sunny yellow and was happy to see a different color. I did some things, 2 1/2 walls worth of base board, the board above my closet, and the trim around my door. Now I sit here in my confy pajamas about to collapse from over working myself for probably about 7 hours.

This day was acceptional Santified because of the things I thought about and pondered as I painted for seven hours. Alot goes through your mind when you’re staring at the same color for hours…amd now I have got to hurry and get this post in before it becomes Monday. Oh no!!! I will conclude this whole weeks experience. I felt inspired, most likely God, to make this week especially special haha by trying to break out of my normal boring days, blogging each day this week. and strive for excellence each day, on a deeper level. Monday was pretty darn miraculous to start it out and now I am here at the end of a week that I probably will never forget. I mean, it’s in writing! I wanted to share it with everyone, my experiences, writing about it almost forced me to examine every part of my day and see, what did God show me today? even in the smallest of situations. I want to encourage all of you who are reading this last post, like I said in Tremenous Thursday and Wonderful Wednesday:

“to achieve a day that is great, you first must give Jesus all the glory honor and praise. Then to make it right, one must see other in a new light. See your friends lost or renewed, as glorious children of the Father whom God wants to use.”  -Bethany

“God sends people to us at times in our life, it all begins to be completed into a beautiful tapestry, each stitch an event that made up God’s will for our lives. Some stitces occur in patterns, some in dots only once and some begin and never stop .” -Bethany

Love your sister in Christ,



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