Sensational Saturday


stage 2 of room remodel

Well, this day was a day where I was always doing something.
I woke up with the ambitions of beginning work on my bedroom, after waffles of course. After, chowing down on delicious mommy-waffles with Knottsberry blackberry syrup and settling down to silly cartoons, I was annouced that I had to clean my parent’s bathroom and dust and vaccuum their bedroom. I had to do this all before 12pm when I was to leave somewhere, so I started soon after breakfast. I listened to Jazz to make the cleaning fun, that’s right!

At noon I was going to go and canvas for my youth groups special event. Canvassing is when you pass out flyers to the neighborhood surrounding the church. At first, I was so nervous about it because it was way out of my comfort zone. I pressed through that fear, because really I had nothing to worry about, God was holding me. What I mainly feared about going from house to house is the way some might respond. I ended up being very happy that I did it. I got to take a stroll through the streets that some people wouldn’t dare to go. Where the smell of drugs lingered in the air, this was just across from the church. It was eye-opening experience, maybe thats why its called canvasing, painting the foundation. What I got from canvasing what a broader outlook and more confidence, also taco salad. I then went home and found out that I could start painting immediatley! So I broke out the paint and watched as my room went from soft hues to warm hues. When the sun was going down, I saw an orange light emit from my bedroom as I stood outside of it’s door. The new color of my room almost magnified the intensity of the setting sun, it was then I knew that I had made the right choice. Then the day ended with the perfect dinner, a home-style hamburger.



What made this day Sensational you may ask? Well, it seemed to touch every emotion in such a beautiful and gentle way. I had my room to look foward to which brought an underlying excitement, I had the canvassing which brought perspective and I broke past my fears which brought immense accomplishment. Then I came home and was able have a part in something that was alot more than just painting. Every since I had reached the next level in my relationship with God, this change completely reflected the inner change. This remodel came at the perfect time.



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