Fabulous Friday

This day showed me many things, some random, some evident throughout. I woke up alot better from yesterday but after I ate breakfast…yeah. Well, I was contemplating staying home but I had so much work to make up today that I pressed through nausea and pressing headaches to get’r’dun! I walked on to my campus and I felt like I had missed a whole year of school. People were rushing around in their normal pace, but with a whole other day behind their belt. It made me come to realize how fast paced this world really is. What I was a little frizzled about was that I should of had 5 tests today. I went into computer “back to the grind” except with a cloudy headache and feeling slightly heated. I breezed through second period but then began to dread my AP World History test. God and my teacher had grace on me by giving me extra time to study. God lifted alot of stress of of me by eliminating two tests at the grace of my teachers. Even if my tests were a little harder because of my missing one day, I saw that God had done something just for me. I also had the opportunity to give out more flyers for my youth groups event. It was cool to see that people were alot more open to it then I thought. One friend for sure is coming that I have been reaching out to. Even if one friend came, that would be enough for me.

God makes all things work together for our good. When we make an effort to live life outside of our normal and reach out past our normal boundaries, God ties it all together.

When I got home my head was still in a cloudy state, but I still thought my day Fabulous! It was Friday, I could go home and relax. I felt the urge to go into my hollow bedroom and practice some songs for youth. It ended up turning into a worship time. I went into my hollow room because right now the acoustics are great and the atmosphere and music surrounds you and wraps you around it. I kept on flowing from song to song as I worshipped my Jesus and my hands moved swiftly and easily from chord to chord. I looked out my window and soaked in his promises. Then, I spackled the holes in my wall. Quite a nice transition hugh. Well at first I saw the holes and I noticed that the more I fixed them the more that I saw. They began to be everywhere! Whether they were small holes only by a tack or big holes from where nails were. I just smiled as I thought of how many ways God plays in that simple analogy. In ways not so good like once we spot one imperfection, more become evident as we try to fix that one. I guess in this case God is the spackle for many situations. He fills those holes in our hearts that were left from other things. I am always in awe of God and how he is seen in every aspect of life. Something ain’t good unless God’s in it I say!

Since I’ve been remodeling my room I finally got to pick out paint! At first, I was going to go with this sunny, golden yellow for trim and accents, mostly because  I had bought a bed spread with that yellow in it. I was then going to have this bizarre teal. When we went to the store, I had a change of mind. I saw this picture in a booklet of a room with a very rustic orange with the yellow I had already chose. My dad ended up confessing that he was glad I made the change and that he didn’t like the other color very much! Even though I might be in my living room for a week or more, I am glad that I finally got to break out the paint! Thank you Jesus for showing yourself so spontaneously on the Fabulous Friday!



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