Wonderful Wednesday

“S’wonderful, s’marevelous, that you would even love me.” la la la

Well today’s post is gonna have to be squished all into one, also I’m sorry I posted so late, back to back day.

It began as a pleasant morning that was almost like a stroll in the park, earnestly observing everyone, dutifully doing my work, and laughing with friends. Then something happened that if my day’s joy and ease was a cruchy raspberry cookie, it would snap in half. I had decided to wear a white skirt today, I knew that I was taking a risk, but, I just had to look cute didn’t I, why did I wear it? I ended up discovering a stain on the back of my skirt, a bad stain. Well, it was only a dot but it began to really bug me. I walked paranoidly through the halls with my bookbag cleverly slung somewhat behind me. I thank God Almighty for friends, especially Jasmine. School club pictures were going on and Bible Club’s pictures were called in sixth period; I told Jasmine about it, she understood and when I showed it to her she simply laughed and said “I could hardly see it!” . Oh, what a learning experience, I just realized now that a problem that was so exaggerated and dramatized actually seemed to make the spot on my white skirt grow in my perspective. Really, it was no problem, nothing that couldn’t be helped. I was just reminded of God’s grace and that every single one of our problems he can handle and cares about, I have no need to worry about them, no need to make them seem worse than they are. God’s got it under control.

After school is when a lot of things happened, I found out that I was going to be somewhat stretched and pressed for time. Let’s just say that I wanted to be in the Wednesday service tonight but I found myself sitting in the foyer of the church while Mikel French preached up a storm and James Huey led every one in fantastic worship. I sat outside taking notes out of a blasphemous History book. God used it, though, in his own perfect way later. I watched as people walked in and out. They were all walking to the bathroom and talking on their cellphones, sometimes I saw the same person go to the restroom more than a few times. I experienced an alcohol ridden guy walking casually in and out of the church with a smug grin on his face. I saw a young women arguing on the phone with someone. All these things were going on while inside lives were being changed. Even though I was pretty bummed about missing out on Missions week’ s final day, God still brought along his wondeful reassurance in his perfect time, even if I was pressed for time. Afterwards, I had moved off of the table I was sitting at in the foyer so that the guest worship leader, James Huey, could set up his CDs he was selling. When things were slowing down and my family was getting ready to leave, somehow James and I began to talk. He asked me about what grade I was in and such but then he asked me what  I wanted to be. I looked at my mom and her she encouraged me to tell him. So I told him, that God had called me to be a worship leader, Naomi then specified prophetic worship leader, and he seemed  interested and had a glint of hope in his eye. I recieved alot of encouragement and reassurance from his stories he told of how God showed him his future and He even asked for my last name so that he could look out for me in the future. James also pointed out a college called Christ for the Nations that was specifically worship. I just think that’s wonderful.

I wish I had more of an interesting relative to your lives post but this is what God did for me today. It just shows me how God put people into our lives who their only part in your life may be a little encouragement that may set you for the rest of your life. God places these people in your life even if they appear once.

God sends people to us at times in our life, it all begins to be completed into a beautiful tapestry, each stitch an event that made up God’s will for our lives.some stitces occur in patterns, some in dots only once and some begin and never stop . -Bethany




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