Terrific Tuesday Prt 2

This one is going is going to be kind of short :/ I’m tired.

Today seemed to be one of thise days where you stay in the same attitude all day. You search your mind for something that might have made it bad but find nothing. You try to hard to be positive and have a better day, but you come to nothing and are stuck in your same inbetween attitude. Today was that day, it started off embarrassing as you read in the previous part and then surged into…blah. I hate that attitude so much. It was during the day and I was joyful, but in the back of my heart was a yearning that was beginning to echo throughout my whole being for something new fresh, something to compliment God’s soft rain he brought to the earth. Something, well, Terrific! Tonight was night 3 of Mikel French and James Huey coming to our church. He spoke of a very troubling (in a good way) topic. It was how alot of us grow up learning that intelligence is being able to pick out all the faults in someone. How we seem to analyze and pick at people instead of seeing them as God’s glorious opportunities. A good point he made was that we need to live our lives everyday seeing ourselves as the God’s vessels for lifting up, and building up people and loving them for who they are and showing them how the father sees them. This must be the problem for why my terrific tuesday at first was just typical it was because I was wanting a better day for my own satisfaction, not to encourage others and bring them to the light. I just realized now as I type that this is how you make each day like a Terrific Tuesday and Sensational Saturday: You have got to enter each day with the attitude of being the one to build up and prophecy the goodness God wants to happen in others lives. Don’t live for your growth alone, but your growth so that others may grow. All it took was a stumble a trip to make this a Terrific Tuesday!



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