Terrific Tuesday Prt 1

Happy Terri–I mean Terrific Tueday! Let’s just say this morning didn’t turn out quite how I would’ve like it to. I got up lentamente (slowly) and it took me forever to choose what to wear. I just decided to have a day where I put on a T-shirt and hoodie and be fine with it. That took me 20 minutes to do that! I hate how I am becoming lazy in the mornings now and I push and push off my devotionals and Bible time! God help me is all that I echoing through my mind.

The morning was beginning to look promising when I got out of my car more easily this morning (referring back to the normally awkward situation yesterday) and I walked into the cafeteria. I saw this one boy sitting next to my bestfriend and to be honest, I don’t like him very much. He always sits to close to her, and I know she doesn’t like him yet shes not keeping the simple boundary of her personal bubble space? Oh whatever my mind said and I sat down the table a ways. Then he got up and I felt a silly urge to go and sit really quick where he sat. Well, I did that, and ended up knocking over his cereal and it almost got on my best friend. How could I be so dumb! I thought. At first, I joked about it then I saw a slight change in Naomi’s attitude. I hope she isn’t annoyed by me. Right at that moment, for a second, it was terrible Tuesday. I don’t want today to be that though!!!! I want it to be better! Better than Miraculous Monday where simple, amazing things happened! Maybe today should be trying-Terrific Tuesday instead. Wait, no, I shouldn’t think like that. Trying is not relying. It’s not relying on God. Now that I think of this right now in computer class, I need to look to God today so that today is better. Scratch that, I want to look to God today, I want his breath on me, his voice, his life, to flow over me in such droll days inbetween like Tuesday. This will be Terrific Tuesday, because I am relying on God to make it that way, I am opening myself up to the ways he may use me, convict me, and teach me. That will make it a Terrific Tuesday.


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