Miraculous Monday prt1

I wake up this morning around two o’ clock realizing that my alarm clock had been unplugged. Great start for a miraculous Monday.
So it’s morning and of course I’m running a few minutes behind. I am trying to get my clothes as quickly as I can out of their plastic containers and running from every corner of the house to bring together that outfit. I realized that this was going to be a typical morning for the next couple of weeks. I am remodeling my bedroom at the moment, so all that can be seen at the end of the hall now is a hollow room with no flooring and no ceiling. Little pieces of my bedroom are spread throughout the house, since our house is small, most of my bedroom is shoved in the corner of our livingroom. Miraculous Monday was set, definitely it was a change waking up to my mom sitting in the livingroom chair a few feet from my head in her morning prayer mode. I got ready pretty much unaware of what the day might hold.

As I pull up to school the most awkward thing that happens is when I get out of my dad’s small workcar and pull back the seat to let out the people we carpool with. This is awkward because I have so much stuff to carry so I have to awkwardly detangle myself from my bookbag and books and twist in this sort of weird way as quickly as I can and pull the seat back. What? I don’t want to hold up the cars behind us! I can feel the pathetic faces of my neighbors on me, but I have learned to not care. The out of the ordinary thing I had to do this morning was return a few things to the choir room that I found when cleaning out my room. For a week straight I was terrified to do so because of the looks Mr. Murray might give me, a sort of why are you here? sort of thing. Good thing he wasn’t there, just a few girls from the former jazz group I was in. I was glad these two specific girls, Daphne and Lisa, were there because they are very welcoming girls and I didn’t feel the least bit awkward in my brief return to the room I had spent hours in last year. I left that room not feeling as afraid of it’s previous intimidation. I guess Miraculous Monday really has started! Now I sit here in computer class thinking about the fabulous things that could happen today, if I allow them to.

to be continued…later


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