Darla’s Retreat testimony

On the way to this retreat,  had no idea what was to happen. In the back of my mind I was thinking, “A retreat with a bunch of, ‘older women?’ umm, not too exciting.” Truthfully, at first this was my mind set. There is something I realized about a group of older women, they are great company! Most of them are alot more secure in themselves and that sets a promising example for how exciting my future life could be. As soon as the first service began, I felt right at home. God had been doing alot in the past couple of months, opening my heart to the Holy Spirit in a new way, now that I think of it, that prepared me for this retreat. The first night as soon as worship ended and Darla went up to speak, the Holy Spirit just radiated through her instantly. Like a cloud it loomed over us, so heavy and tangible, but so light as to draw out all your worries and lift you up to a new level. That night, I was lifted up to a new level in the Lord and stayed there. A thirst began to grow like no other to know God like never before. That night, Darla called on me to stand up and instantly I felt the Holy Spirit begin to open up my heart to take in something big. She began to tell me how she was going to give me a message in tongues and when I was going to interpret it through song and verse. As she gave it to me I became overwhelmed because just minutes before God had brought back to my memory an article I read about “Prophetic Worship” and God was hinting to me that I was going to do something like that. God had just revealed another part of his will for my life on top of what he had already revealed to me.  This was just the first night.

The next morning, Saturday, as soon as we began to worship the Lord his spirit came in like he was bringing us back to where we let of last night. This morning she decided to pray for everybody and lets just say everyone was falling let and right in the spirit. When I went up there God’s spirit overwhelmed me and of course I lost all control of my body. The other speaker Connie had a word or me and when I was able to get up she told me that, “this year I was going to drink of Jesus’s sweet communion and that I was going to have an intimacy with him like never before this year, and that intimacy was going to be manifested through song, all I needed to do was put my head in his lap…”. Then, she gave me a communion cup from Israel as a reminder.

More happened that night, I experienced irst hand how the Holy Spirit brings you to an utmost place of joy. Everyone was laughing at the top of their lungs and some where just losing all control of what their body would do next.It was something not comprehendable through human description. While we were laughing, God was healing, all the hurts the worries and preparing our souls to take in more of him, making room.

The next morning Darla entended up talking to me personally. She began to explain to me how God was telling her that not just the words of my music the Holy spirit gives me will be prophetic, but the MUSIC, the MUSICAL aspect will be a sound of the heavens, a prophetic sound that was out of this world. Just in this one weekend God had revealed a whole new part in the path and purpose he has more me. Since then I have been letting the Holy Spirit take over and he has done wonders through me in music. I I hadn’t gone to this retreat I would have been one step behind then where God would have wanted me. He confirmed so many things through this retreat and I would DEFINITELY go back next year!



One thought on “Darla’s Retreat testimony

  1. Bethany, your heart and love for God is so beautiful!
    I see the compassion and love you have for people.

    I love reading all your stories and new things you put up. Each and every time I read your stories it makes me pumped and ready.
    I am so excited for you and all that God has in store!!
    You are a very amazing and beautiful person inside AND out!

    You make God smile.
    Keep being who God made you to be.
    You are a blessing to have as a friend! You really are.
    Love you, Mickie:)

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