Passion Pursuit Week 1

I have decided to blog out my journey through Darla Lassiter’s Passionate Pursuit: A Devotional for Young Women. I have also decided to come back to my wordpress blog rather than my japanese blog because it’s features are clearly better, also the name Cherished Heart suits who I am better anyway, rather than Cherished Dream. Here is a small account of what I took from Week one of her book’s 8 weeks daily devotionals.

Week 1  10/17/09

Where it all falls down is when we begin to get our eyes off Christ and onto ourselves. It all falls when we begin to compare ourselves. week one talked about my worth in Christ, and how I am so valuable no matter what the world says I am. The world focuses on outter worth and usually with airbrushed, distorted depictions of women on magazine covers. I realized something, though,  those “perfect” models are all required to look the same, and nothing is too interesting about how they look. Who wants to look exactly like the person next to them? This world is telling me to be myself yet throwing images of “perfect” women in my face, saying that this is what I should strive for. God, though, looks at my heart. I’m glad he does look at who I am inside and doesn’t compare me to the world or anyone else to determine my worth. He sees my as his daughter, his princess, and longs for me to come to him and put my head in his lap.

Day 5 questions:

1.Why are you Worth so much? I am worth so much because God created me and has a purpose and plan for my life, and has given my my specific gifts and talents. He calls me his princess, and I am more precious than rubies.

2. Who or what should determine your worth? I should alone find my worth in Christ, for he created me how I am for his perfect purpose. I should not look to the world for what makes me special, but Christ; because, he made me special.

3. How much does God love you? God loves me enough to have died on my behalf so I could experience that love. He gives me my daily bread and blesses me.

4. What does it mean to be an heir of God? God has made his whole kingdon available to me, his princess. I can tap into his presence and love because I am an heir to them, they are mine to claim. Everything that the father is: love, joy, etc I can have those blessings everyday!



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