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The Rock

What can be said? People change, people never change; they are someone and then they’re not. This world is unreliable, selfish, and unyielding to any sort of conscience. You know what, without putting all my trust in the world I think I am going to just sit here on my rock, atleast it will never change.

Many roam this earth, secretly looking for something stable, but entice those things that if we looked back at our life like a timeline, lasted only a dot. These things are quick, half-hearted, and as shaky as slippery stone set in a sand-bottomed creek; it is stepped upon, seemingly being stable as we don’t put all ourselves on it, but then when we release the other foot it shakes and dumps us into the freezing cold water. It is exactly the same in life. One sees something, begins to imagine havng it and if it would suffice their eternal longing, and then when they put their heart and soul into it, it collpases underneath you and instead of the merciful water you begin to fall endlessly where no solid ground awaits you.

Personally, I used to be like that, eagerly stepping from stone to stone never putting my foot on that solid rock which awaited me all along. This rock which I now stand on is my Savior, my God, Jesus Christ. at times I can picture it, all those who placed their trust in Jesus sitting on the solid rock while everyone else hops nervously, pitifully from stone to stone and falling endlessly into the waters and being carried awayin the current.

This is why I tell you this: God can be your solid rock, your foundation, One who never changes, One who catches you when you fall, and He is the One who will never fail you.


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2009年8月21日 (金)


Have you ever seen how when the sun rises, it illuminates all of it’s surroundings and makes seem so radiant and lovely? This is not the things themselves being made more beautiful, it is not from them alone. It is from another source, a source so intense that it illuminates everything around it wonderfully.

Have you ever considered what you are radiating? As people in this world we are often searching for something to make us seem more desirable and loved. Sometimes it is in ourselves our own strengths and the things we do, or material things like clothing, makeup, or cool things we own. But you see, this isn’t going to change anybody’s life, for ever! If you are constantly trying to be more desirable to your peers you’ll get no where. You’ll just end up radiating lust, which is the feign excuse of being desirable, and that will leave you even more empty then before.

I am going to tell you a story about and individual who I know. According to the world, she wouldn’t be considered gorgeous, or wear the right clothes, or whatever. But, ever since God did a great work in her life, her beauty has been illuminated. God’s spirit is so present in her that people look at her and sense something more and that makes her seem more desirable to be around. Now that I look at her I see God in her and she is so beautiful to me.

I have noticed these things. We focus so much on being appealing on the outside that we don’t realize that all lasting things come from God in us.

To me, an average girl with a big heart for God is more beautiful than any super model.


2009年8月 5日 (水)

Something about Summer…

Summer. A time of freedom. We all love summer vacation with all our hearts and there may be reasons.

First, you don’t have certain friends from school nagging at you and pressuring you to do things you don’t want to. Second, sometimes your family seems a bit more like a family especially when your go do stuff together (you know you like it!). Third, you have more time to do things you never thought you would: read a book, write a book, paint, draw, learn a dance, actually go to church, or ponder life itself. Summer often brings us to a mind set of “I know there is more out there, there must be something better” We dread returning to the grind of get up, go to school, do homework, go to bed. Why? It suffocates us and puts us into a helpless rythmn in which you lose ourselves. In the summer we seem to discover a little bit about ourselves.

Well, you know what? Summer doesn’t have to leave! I don’t mean that you ditch the whole year, no. I mean that mentality we have in the summer about “who am I”, “is there something more”, or “God are you there?”. Especially that last one. Sometimes during the school year we almost lock ourselves up in a prison, yielding to a society which disables us from questioning motives and “is there anything to live for but myself”. That’s it, bondage in our mind being almost forced to keep it’s logic and further thinking to a minimum. WE don’t have to quit that summer pondering!

“How do I do that?” You may ask. I say try first to stop rushing your life and not pausing to see all of the great things in store if you sit back for a bit. You may even discover that there must be a God because who could create a universe in such perfect order? Make better use of your time. And begin the trek on finding something more out there.

Have you ever considered that “something out there” to be a God above all who holds the world in his hand? Personally, God has been the one in which I have found myself. I have found out that finding myself in Him and not my friends or what science tells us I have had the most clarity of life. Question life, ask God yourself, and keep on doing it. When you are frustrated or confused about life and pain, cry to Him, he’ll answer you in the perfect way, not always with words but maybe with things occuring in your life. Give Him that time in your busy life, even if you’ve never picked up a Bible or gone to church. There IS something out there, and no it’s not aliens, it God.



2009年6月16日 (火)

Heart Elevator took a trip down

Outwardly he seemed fine. Outwardly he seemed handsome and put together. Outwardly he seemed a man of faith. Outwardly he was charming. Outwardly he was not obnoxious.

Seeming outward cannot always relate with inward.

I guess God does not call us to really judge for the good either. We all know that it is not good to cruelly judge others for what we assume. Maybe God also appreciates it if we get to know someone before we judge them even if it may be a positive assumption of character.

Now, who is this he  I am menitioning? Yes, you can assume that I was fond of someone. It was one of those, “oh he seems sweet, even though I don’t know him well” instances. I ASSUMED that he was an avid follower of God just because certain activities would give him that title. I ASSUMED he was a Christian just because he attended church regularly. I think these ASSUMPTIONS were fed because everytime he’d actually speak to me and say hello my flesh would flutter and add more stability to my judgement i was creating.

I will tell you this now: NEVER LET YOUR ASSUMPTIONS BECOME YOUR CONSTANTS. If you rely on your positive judgements of character of others and let them become your actual judgements, you will find yourself decieved when you get to see the person’s true character. I think this especially relates to us girls who are in the waiting process for are soul companions. We se a guy and get eager about him even before we really get to know him; then, we create all of these character traits, and paint them on him. And you wonder why you end in heart break.

In every relationship we develop with others, the early stages are the most important for setting how the rest is going to be. You can’t build a solid building and skip a few blocks in the foundation, right? Do not judge on any circumstances negative OR positive. We should develop our opinions of others with God by our side. Listen to the Holy Spirit before you go to judge others. I guarantee you that in listening to God, your relationships will thrive.


2009年6月14日 (日)


Why does everything seem to go in this order: struggle->victory->struggle->victory. I does seem that when a great obstacle is overcomed and we are enjoying the fresh air and getting closer to God and then, BOOM ! Something occurs to draw us back from our accelerated pace. This occurs in most instances: You pass your English final, but then you lose your wallet; or, you get a promotion but then the business goes bankrupt. I was struggling, even now still, with a situation like that. I was finally understanding the importance of keeping a relationship steady with my Lord and was seeking Him. Then, what do you know, Satan comes in and tries to sabotage everything. Satan began arousing feelings of something that God had already helped me to overcome years before. This began to pull my eyes of Jesus and onto myself.

When things happen at the worst times, when we are doing really well, this is just Satan trying to pull us down. Satan hates it when he sees us enjoying God’s presence and growth in our life. Satan throws a fit, and then concocts a plan to pull at our strings. These instances are just a test of our faith! We should not let something so small deter our growing relationship with God! Jesus wil lift us up like he says he will.

“but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” (Isaiah 40:31, NIV)

At those times when Satan is trying to drag us down the mountain we just conquered, that is the time when you need to look to Jesus and even yell in Satan’s that “I’ve been made more than a conquerer, through the blood of Jesus Christ” When you began to depend on the strength the Lord gives to recover and not your own, you will fly even higher than before!


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Monday, March 23, 2009 

  Take a walk Take a walk with God.
Anyone would have to stop and think of that phrase. This could mean a wave of things but I am just going to simplify it down to one simple task God asks, adoration. I had taken for granted for the longest time just God’s simple blessings until one night I looked up out of our car window at the full moon shown bright in the clear sky. I looked upon it, almost mystified for a second and then words that wanted to come out for once did, i exclaimed God is so great. After that I began to really take a second and admirre God’s beauty and this blessing all in it’s own. From walking back home from the bus I usually walk really fast, but that day I felt the want to walk slower and just look up at the clouds and sky. A storm was just clearing away, all the clouds pushing away and a breathtaking clear blue shown above me and I was just adoring it wow God, this is amazing. From then I began more often to try to “take a walk with God” (get it?) and it is now becoming more in my thoughts and you know what, just from this adoration I have grown immensely closer in my relationship with God. It wasn’t at an alter, in a church, it was walking home from the bus, or sitting in a car. We can always dwell on God’s vast beauty and power anytime. It also has scooted out some thoughts in my mind that used to tear my closeness with God, now I am thinking more of him. God is so amazing to have delivered us from our selfish shells and create us to be able to thrive like the sun.
The earth is filled with his glory :))))
6 The sky was made at the Lord’s command.
       By the breath from his mouth, he made all the stars. ” Psalm 33:6
Saturday, January 31, 2009 

  Scratches, Bruises, and Breaks Scratches, Bruises, and Breaks
Oh, he left me again, like he doesn’t even care about me. He seemed so serious as if determined to toss me aside. It’s happened so many times and he’s always got back with me, but I don’t think I can take any more beatings of my heart.
I’m so happy! He asked me to be his GF! He was so smooth and said that he’d never do this again and I believe him too! Oh, I can feel those scratched in my heart healing already…
Sound Familiar? You’ve probably heard stories like this from a friend or two. Whether it be with friends or bf/gf situations. Sometimes we stand on the outside and watch our friends get beat badly to the core, bruised and scratched, then take the hand just after that threw them away. You see I do have a friend, and my heart stings everytime I hear her say we break up and get back together alot, its just how it is.  She doesn’t realize that every time she lets this boy take advantage of her, her heart gets bruised and scratched. She then, when she gets reeled in again, convinces herself that the cuts he’s given her before are all better now and that she can live. I wish she knew that no heart can be restored but with the blood of Christ. These bruises have built up and not been healed and I don’t want to see her heart fall into the next chasm thats waiting around the ben. Its the break, when she begins to have severe feelings of if she is good enough or not and leading to suicidal ideas or bad drug abuse and wrong friendships. When her heart would unravel to reveal its dried up and beaten core.
Maybe I’ve done something wrong? I haven’t been good enough for him , im not pretty enough? How could I have drove him to this? Becky just called saying that she saw him…making out with another girl right now…I guess I wasn’t being a good girlfriend…when he pressured me to do those things and I said I wasn’t ready maybe I should’ve just done them, and maybe that would’ve saved our relationship…who am I kidding , I am not a good friend or girlfriend or a good enough person at all…im not sure what my point is anymore on this earth…is it just to be tossed out and reused over and over…my heart really has broken…whats the use of a person with a broken soul …there is none…i think its time to clear out what has never been worth anyones time–
Many our driven to this point, not just from this kind of situation but from many areas. My heart aches when I discover peoples stories and wish they could know that instant of the love God has, that completing love.
“But God saves those who suffer through their suffering;
       he gets them to listen through their pain.” Job 36:15http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?    book_id=22&chapter=3&version=65    If you are going through something, read this passage Job 3(the link), or what the hey, read all of Job, i can assure you will relate to it in some way!
Sunday, January 25, 2009 

  Our desires vs. His desires We all want stuff. Whether it be clothes, cars, people, or even more personal things. Alot of the time we go to God for these things, and then when nothing occurs or goes a different direction. We get mad because we know God says “he knows the desires of our heart.” The problem with this is the intentions of our desires. Why would we want those items? To gain recognition with people, for pleasure? Maybe we should then question our relationship with God.
   Lets look at some people in the Bible. The disciples were just ordinary people with their ordinary desires, probably for their own wealth. But when God told them to come, they dropped all of their desires. Their desires began to match up with those of Jesus Christ. The more they got to know God the more their plans changed for the better of God’s kingdom.
“They were casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. 19″Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” 20At once they left their nets and followed him.” Matt. 4:18-20
    According to many people in the Bible, the more they sought God and what he had the more they wanted to achieve his purpose. For we all have the great call to reach the lost with God’s love. We just need to keep in mind to get our selfish ambitions out of the way to make room for what God has to say, for his desires are truly the ones meant for us.
Sunday, January 18, 2009 

  On a Silver Platter Sometimes things are so hard-worked for and we put so much effort into it but they fail and seem to forever fail. But God, he hands things on silver platters, all nice and polished and they come with no strings attached. God has seemed to do that just now. I guess God has plans and if we just wait and let his plan go over our plans, his love comes easily. It seems when ever I try to make things go my way it is almost as if I am fighting against a river’s current. God is putting obstacles to try to catch my attention and tell me to come back to shore but my mindset will almost be like Aboo, the monkey from Aladdin, going for the forbidden dangerous ruby and Aladdin is calling him but he is so mesmerized that this thing could be his if he just reached out and took it, but it turns out that item endangered and ruined his chances of the many other treasures. This is like when our self-will tries to overthrow God’s, it does not prevail and knocks us lower down. I just realized recently that from me sort of letting go of my wills and wants God has handed things to me on silver platters, nicely and neatly sweetly, and it feels good because I realize that my God takes care of me.
“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21
Thursday, November 27, 2008 

  Reason that I had to die… to live
Current mood: inspired     Pressure, pressure, pressure, doesn’t that word make you think of walls closing in begging you to give in. Its timing in impecible and it loves to spread to every corner of your body. This world, being wordly, secular, fleshly, selfish, corrupt, and all of the worser things you can imagine, we can feel pressure, most of the time. In society, trying to fit our beautifully crafted unique bodies into feign and frail molds. Stereotypes have turned into our actual charactars, we let media shape us telling us what we can do, to be better, and what we should do to achieve it. We that feel confused turn to things that give no love but take the love and innocence from us, leaving us with that temporary numb we call love. Innocence is robbed carelessly from children, and it shapes their easily pressed minds to think that its alright to be like her, hide your thoughts, be chill, never climb, give your heart to strangers, do anything that feels right, live in the now. The numb from reality takes farther into the pit when drugs, violence, sex, materialism, masks, and knives get into the mix.This doesn’t seem right does it. You may be thinking on the surface, ‘What I love life!’ or ‘Having sex with girls is so great it feels great’ or ‘The rush I get from drinking really helps me have a better time in life, its fun’ but down inside underneath those layers and walls society and taped and masked over your true soul it screams ,’I have sex with all those girls because I cannot find love in my home, I know its not right’ and ‘Drinking helps me forget and numb the pain and emptiness that causes my heart to ache, when my brother died. Why did he have to?’.But why? You may ask. This occurs when the whole ‘ME’ factor got into the mix. Today we advertise all things that scream,’ you deserve it, you are better.’ Or for some ‘poor you, do this, it’ll complete you’.

I decided to walk away from this path. To follow in the steps of my Creator. I still am on the struggle to get my eyes of myself and on the King, who holds all love and completes me. That void that unsaved are trying to fill does not reside in me any longer. God filled that whole, and I am still trying to keep my mind on that fact that I need no other but Him who loves me, gives me strength, and completes me. In starting this chase after God I have said I will not conform, for the world only places obstacles in my way. In chasing I must follow every step he takes for they are intended for me and will all add up to his will over my life. In following God I will trace the picture and the final product he is hoping for me. I want all who have not known God to know I did not resort to this ‘religion’ for it is not religion but relatonship. I can talk to him and he answers me in ways unimaginable and so right and perfect. He convicts me of my wrongs for he is the ultimate friend, the constant. As the world goes up and down fowards and back, God’s love stays at a high unfathomable rate. This love surpasses all the world can give. Since God created all things, I let the creator of love complete me. When I am alone in my room away from PRESSURE he knows me and looks at me with the utmost care and love upon him, and says to me ‘come my child let me dry your tears and love you, just let me love you’

So you wonder why I am different, why I am not like everyone. It is because I have died, I am not in the earthly shell, I thrive in Christ and am a new creation, that recieves the utmost care from the Master Healer, my Jesus.


(p.s. thank you Jesus for speaking to me through this and letting it leak into words for those that need it and I pray these words will happen upon those that need it, let it plant something)

Saturday, October 25, 2008 

  Problems with a 21st Century girls(more to come)
Category: Writing and PoetryI ate so much crap the last couple of days,
it tasted sooo good, yet bad at the same time ah well
To all you girls out there who internally, and secretly feel like your worth crap and even though you act like you’re totally confident, you’re NOT.
Well to let you in on something,
We need to stop looking to celebrities and fashion and models to shape us
and quit trying to be like that one girl
or dress in top labels
Someone I know said before,
‘We need to be SECURE with our INSECURITIES!’
In my opinion I am so tired of all the copies I see.
It’s like someone took a picture of a model or celebrity and photo copied it!
I am seeing doubles around my school!
Just to let whatever girl is reading this in on a secret ,
Guys like girl who like themselves and are comfortable in their own skin!
No Way.Why does that totally fake girl get all those guys flirting with her?Well for starters, she probably isn’t the most modest dresser normally and guys are SINGLE-MINDED so their eyes are magnetized to the physical reveals and not the girl and her even ‘fake ‘ personality.
Coming Back to your value…
That value comes from God he created you in his own image When he looks at you, he sees himself and his masterpiece.
Just like an artist takes pride in his art and when the artisit looks looks at his masterpiece, he sees himself.
You are valued by the CREATOR of the universe.
(I got alot of concepts from Revovle Tour’s Jenna Lucado and Chad Eastham)
Bethany Porter
Friday, October 03, 2008 

  Are we there yet? Not yetAs christians, we do ALOT of waiting. This is hard for alot of us because either we are impatient, impulsive, or aggressive. By waiting I mean on alot of things. We always wait for a better day when this world isn’t so lost. A big thing that most christians struggle with is the temptations we have around the other gender. Our flesh is saying to flaunt ourselves, or fling ourselves. Our spirit cries through the hormonal rush or madness to STOP and just wait. Especially for girls we are constantly thinking about what our future husband will look like, smell like(well maybe not all of us do that), but we must wait for him. How that frustrates us! This may make you sad but hasn’t everyone heard the saying “Good things come to those who wait.” Like if we wait on the Lord to answer our questions instead or just going along with what we want to do the rewards are tremendous. Everyone else that is doing it their way may seem according to the world’s standards o be succeeding but internaly they are becoming deceased, no life no hope, and  they are completely lost. All of their convictions become nothing.-beth
Friday, October 03, 2008 

  Recommended for christians obsessed with “Twilight”
Category: BloggingCheck out this Chick’s review I read on Twilight! Itll show you if you are a christian and have an obsession:Abby said…”I read all three books in Twilight series in a three day period. I fully agree with anyone who says these books are not only well written, but absolutely brilliant. I will say this, however. After I read them, I had a very, very hard time. I experienced a lot of mental spiritual warfare and I literally felt like I was locked in the story. I immediately discerned a spirit of witchcraft on these books and it made me angry because I loved them! But I literally had to get them out of my house, that’s how bad it was.

So I went to God with it and He showed me what is going down. It isn’t obvious and it isn’t about the content of the books, it is something entirely spiritual. The spirit behind these books is identical to the spirit behind Harry Potter and the spirit behind certain music, like My Chemical Romance. Look for the things that draw obsession out of this generation and pull them away from God. I guarantee you every one of them, the major ones that are addicting to scary and dangerous measures, are a tool of the enemy to infiltrate witchcraft into the lives of an entire generation of young people.

I’m not saying this from a judgmental, outside perspective, I am speaking as someone who is very, very familiar with this sort of thing and who experienced it first hand. If you want proof, you can find dozens of Wiccan and Witchcraft websites that promote these books. Doesn’t that tell you something? And if that isn’t enough to convince you, let Isaiah do it.

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”
-Isaiah 5:20

The biggest thing that stood out to me was the way vampires are portrayed as “good” in Twilight and witches and wizards are portrayed as “good” in Harry Potter. It is NOT about the content of the books, people. It is about the deceptive spirit behind them.

Open your eyes.”

  Wat u gonna do with all that junk in your trunk?JUNK IN TRUNKI was just thinking today, in the car, staring at something that had sat in but my dad’s car for like ever. I hadn’t really noticed it until now that it hadbeen in there for ever.Life in a way is like that. The junk that we carry we learn to live with, until we hardly notice it anymore. Sometimes along the way we take a hard look at it, get a little guilty about neglecting to tend to it but then usually other distractions make us forget. For one instance, movies. We watch them, sit through the crudeness and the taunting of God’s name and we don’t do anything about it. With all of the excuses and influences leaning us toward the edge to think it’s okay. All this crap in our lives we let pile up, sometimes we need to take out the trash.

Another aspect of this item collecting dust was I think I remembered that someone gave it to him as a gift. God gives us gifts like that and most of them spend time in the trunks of our cars or even in the back seat. The gifts are always that close to our reach but we tend to throw them aside for our own way.

I hope this affects you in any way or it was something you needed for the day.

-Bethany P.

Friday, August 17, 2007 

  I’d rather you be cold then warm…?Well, as you all know, the Bible talks about being not lukewarm but hot or cold. I discovered goes with that is:    “Whoever is not with me is against me…”Matthew 12:30Meaning if you are not fully for God, you are not for God. When I saw this I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach, a feeling of partial guilt. If we love the world we are for the world, meaning we are against God. The verse continues:

    “Whoever is not working with me is working against me.”

If we try to pursue things for earthly reasons, we are not working with God. If we try to pursue things as for God’s will then we are working with him. Don’t fret, our flesh is strong , but our spirit has the power of God. We may mess up but God’s power can overcome anything.

Another concept of lukewarm, is what we say and who we are. In a good and bad sense. Alot of the time we say things not meant to be said and try to convince the other that we didn’t mean it. Well, ya did. For In Matthew 12:34 it states:

      “…The mouth speaks the things that are in the heart.”

If we say evil things we are doing out of a spirit of evil, making us what we say. All of us must strive to say good things so that are mind’s eye will change how our heart speaks. It says something about this in Matthew 12:35, check it out.

If you are having trouble making up your mind and trying to be hot or cold on God and other things remember:

       “Those who have understanding will be given more, and will have all that they need…”

I hope that this will bless anyone who was in need of this, and we can talk if ya need to!!:)

-Bethany P.

  concept of love(Lord layed it on my heart)Concept of LOVEI hate how the world views love. Most of this so called “love” is just gorgeous at girl meets gorgeous boy, they kiss, fall in love then what happens after that? Most of these conclude in broken hearts. The truth is, i don’t think people really know what love is.          “Love is patient and kind.Love is not jealous, it does not brag, and it is proud.Love is not rude, it is not SELFISH, and does not get upset with others. Love does not count up wrong things that have been done.”1 Corinthians 13:4,5

Most girls get involved out of selfish ambition. They just want someone to hold, someone to tell them they’re pretty, to waist their precious innocence on some poor guy. But too many people are living in the now and are not thinking about what will happen tomorrow, next year.

        “The wise see danger ahead and avoid it, but fools keep going and getting into trouble.” Proverbs 22:3

To warn all of you guys out there, if you ever date, please for your own sake make sure that that person is truly interested in you and not what you can give them, cause in my opinion that is why probably half of marriages fail, because of being selfish and only marrying them because of something a simple as being a good kisser (seriously) or how he makes you feel when he holds you(get real). And not because of his personality, spirituality, and maturity, or something like that, or if he really loves you and not your body.

-Bethany Porter


Thursday, July 05, 2007 

  The Greatest Love (a sermon i wrote for a talent ahow)




                                                               The Greatest Love



Dictionary.com says that love means :




a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.”




The Bible says:




          “a strong feeling of affection, loyalty and concern for someone.”




Which one sounds better? Well you see the world today has its definitions of love that cannot relate to the love Christians have, the Love of God.






          The distortion of the world’s meaning of love causes these “truths” to get into the minds of young ones. Any young girl or boy might say love is a kiss, a hug, showing physically how they feel, or saying the words. The problem is that love does not just come from a person of the opposite gender it comes in many forms from many people.




1.                 Love is respect- if you love and care for someone you will respect their boundaries and wishes, never being disrespectful.



2.                 Love is care- wanting to make that person feel comfortable and being concerned with their problems, not yours.



3.                 Love can be doing something physically, buying your friend or relative a present or just showing some love.



4.                 Love is humble- Putting your friend before you never boasting of making them feel inferior, being proud of them and not being jealous.






This is the problem with love today it lacks these characteristics. Kids will get themselves into situations and will find love in the wrong places. In drugs, alcohol, hanging out with the wrong friends, or even from a person of the opposite gender. What does that do though? They just sink lower into their pit of problems. It leaves their heart empty, they think nobody cares after they didn’t find love. I get so sad when someone speaks of how no one cares and I wish I could wrap them in my arms and tell them that I care and God cares even more. They have never felt what us Christians do. God says in Romans 5:8




          “But God shows his great love for us this way: Christ died for us while we were still sinners.”




You may know this verse or you may not but I want you to so I’ll say it again (repeat verse).









          The love of God is a wondrous thing. It is filled with hope, care, passion, all the things that the world is looking for but so much more. Our world is built on the love of God, it holds us all together. Genisis 1:26 states:




          “Then God said, “Let us make human beings in our image and likeness. And let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds in the sky, over all the earth, and over all the small crawling animals on the earth.”





          We were cared and trusted enough to rule and LOVE God’s creation. And would you look at that, he made us in his image, in his likeness, which means the same similar to him. God truly must care. Everything around us is out of love, the sun we wake up to, the flowers, everything. We are too busy though to notice things as little as this, we often think God is not ever there.

In Psalm 77:7-8 David cries out to God:




          “Will the Lord reject us forever? Will he never be kind to us again? Is his love gone forever? Has he stopped speaking for all time?”




          David faced these problems but he still knew the love of God was there to take care. For God’s Love = Care. David also says:




          “Come and see what God has done, the amazing things he has done for people.”










What We Can Do




          God’s love is ours to take. It hangs over your head just in you reach and protects us. Many of the world choose not to take it and reach for the love in front of them, the love that the world offers. Sometimes though finding completion in this world takes a little more effort. If God’s love is above us we must reach for it. If it id hiding on a mountain we might have to suffer a journey. But, if we keep our eyes on the prize he’ll be there with open arms. If you are a Christian that wants to reach others and show them God’s love you don’t have to preach it to them. If you show love and keep a good attitude God’s love will show through you, I guarantee it. So I conclude this message wanting you all to promise to strive for God’s love if you seem you can’t find your way, cause he’ll be there; and, if you want to help, to check yourself and show love so that God can work through you for we must make ourselves a clear window for God to shine through.

Thank you









































Monday, May 07, 2007 

  Story of a girlOnce there was a girl, just like anyone else, intentionally a good student, loved to hang with her friends, and especially loved boys. She like anyone yearned for that first kiss, or for prince charming to sweep her off of her feet. She had just began high school and walked onto a campus filled woth wonderful opportunities, classes, and boys. For the next few days she had her eyes on a boy, a junior. One day that girl just happened to “bump” into the boy and he smiled to her. The days went on and pretty soon they were dating. She had no idea what was in store. They became the “it” couple as they were caught kissing in the halls. They went to dances together and she was sure he was the one. They spent every moment together and many of the girls friends left her and thought she was rushing herself. Pretty soon they were so much attched that it was impossible for them to not be caught kissing. When he was sick or away she would sit and cry until he came back. Many would say this is so romantic but parents got uneasy when they were around the couple. They went through all of high school until he graduated, she had  taken extra classes to graduate early and they were off, then something horrible happened. She caught him in his dorm with another girl. She was heart broken, she put blame to herself broke down and felt so alone, no friends, he had been her only. She dropped out of college and ran back to her parents. She soon found a guy and the were getting married in 4 months. She didn’t find pleasure thouhg everything was dry, already used and each kiss was not like she imagined. It wasn’t because there were no sparks it was because her innocence was on dry. She had gone over the line and she had none left for her husband, her true love.Scras from the past left huge marks. She was bitter and confused on why he wasn’t pleasing her so she divorced and every marriage after that didn’t work either.  We need to help today’s youth in realizing the importance of purity and marriage.-beth
Saturday, April 28, 2007 

  Never Enough ♥Oh, no, someone has tugged at my heart strings again. I look at them and think Thank God! Amen. I entertain myself with thoughts of a new hope lit inside. I begin to confide in all my closest friends saying it has began. I find every possible solution to be near the one I claim to love. I bring notebooks to school and let my words fill the pages never done. I talk to him and change my hair and likes. I think that his eyes are mine. When we become friends(at last!) I never let him go. He holds my hands, and entices my every thought. He miss him every night and look foward to him in the day. Then, though, a disturbance fills the air. He pushes me away to hang with his friends, and distills conversations by changing the subject. He sits elsewhere in class, and in the hallway just passes. I am heartbroken. If I could get more, be in the shoes i was before. I guess it will never be enough. I guess that hole was never filled.         -beth porter
Saturday, April 28, 2007 

  A NEW DAY I can feel the rain at my feetevery drop whispers sweetly to me

I can see the sun rise,

and the song of the bird reprise,

and the lies of yesterday’s demise.

The birds fly in perfect formation across the sky,

no dissension or cries in their reply.

Tones of vigor and vitality paint the horizon,

carefree, yet knowing this sight will leave as the day spies in.

Only if every hour was this promising

then maybe the world be silenced in awing.

And all heartbreaks and mistakes will melt away,

with just one look of this light I say.

I wish everyday was really a new day.


2009年5月22日 (金)

When the sense kicked in

“Life is good, God is good”

This is what I have said when someone had asked me how I was. Truly, I was in a little bit of a confusing time. I knew of God’s plan, but I was just staying still, and complacent. I was being faithful to all my priorities, was making good choices, but I still was feeling that something needed to be there.

One morning I awoke, feeling groggy as usual, and saw my Bible on my nightstand, underneath a few papers. I continued my morning routine, passing that conviction by. I came back into my room to change and saw it once again. I gave a sigh and got my clothes.

Somedays after that, sfter seeing that buried Bible on my nightstand I think sense finally kicked in. I would look at that Bible almost as if it was in a cage and locked up. I think I was treating my relationship with God like that. Almost as if God was locked away up tight and I had to specific things or feel certain feelings to inherit his presence. Well, you know what! His presence is inside of me all the time! I don’t need to have some revelation every time I go to read my Bible. So then I began to finally start my daily bible reading adventure. At first, I started with just a proverb and then I thought, I WANT MORE, so i began reading from prverbs and psalms. I then decided I needed MORE. So, I began to read acts on top of proverbs and psalms. It doesn’t particulary matter how much you read, but if you get anything out of it. I just wanted more of His Word. I have also slowly developing a habit of praying right when I get up. Even if it’s just a sentence like “Thank you Jesus for this beautiful day!” it starts my day out right and reassures me that God is with me all throughout the day.

Relationships take effort. I was thinking that I could slack; but, how can you remain in a close relationship with someone if you never talk and spend time together?


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