Le Bob

haydenbobbethbobAs I call it, Le Bob, or just a bob haircut. To be specific, the angled kind. Everyone is getting it now, at first I wanted to because I thought it would be out there and cool, but when I took a good look around, everybody is sporting this look. I am the kind of person who likes to not wear what everyone else is. Now that spring is here I have noticed more dresses, and I just thought man, i wanted to be different, oh well.

Anyways, back to Le Bob. If I were to get a haircut and it were to be an angled bob, I would make it really extreme and cool. I’m talking not just a slight angle but totally a-symmetrical. I don’t mean like Madonna with half of her head shaved. If that ever happened to me, I’d stay in bed…for the rest of my life. I mean something totally out there, but that makes people go that is so edgy yet pretty  not OMG what the heck did you do to your hair?  Pretty and edgy like the ones in the picture to the left.

The hard thing is is that I have a round face, and the models in the picture look like they have diamond shaped faces, basically really defined cheekbones. I don’t have defined cheekbones in the slightest. I don’t have a chubby face, just a round one. Kind of like Hayden Panettiere’s (to the right Hayden with a bob) face shape. The thing , also I really love having long hair because it has a beautiful thing about it. A bob can be like more sassy. I want to find a way to have a beautiful bob.

I like the brunette bob above because it is longer and will frame my face, but I think I would lengthen the long layer and create a more beautiful element to it . I could then curl the long layers and it would be pretty! Then, if I want to curl it , I can style it to look like the curlyish bob the the far left. I want all layers to be no shorter then the nape of my neck. Now that I think about it, I might be able to pull it off nicely with well blended layers and an angled, interesting line. I would love to but some blocks of color like pink and purple or aqua, but (I can’t dye my hair, I’m not allowed SHHH). I can get colored extensions! I would have to get really REALLY good ones.

A good thing is that I have a longish neck. If I decided, or the stylist (by accident) cut it shorter, my neck wouldn’t look all squatty! In conclusion I am looking for a bob hair style that is angled, edgy and artsy, but also beautiful at the same time. One that will reflect my personality.



2 thoughts on “Le Bob

  1. you know, I guess some people can pull that off, but to me the long part looks messy, like the stylist forgot to cut it off. When I see it I always feel like I want to make it short so it’ll blend in with the rest of the hair and not look out of place and awkward. That probably doesn’t help you with your dilemma; sorry! I thought you’d like some opinions.

    I like how you write.

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