Princess Wars


Princess Wars

        Lena was a beautiful princess, she was adorn with a lily-white dresses and adored by her father and King of her kingdom. Her kingdom was also very beautiful, well-kept, and her father always made sure her kingdom was great to live in. The King would always be so loving, telling her constantly that she was beautiful as she was and that he was proud to have such an devoted daughter. Then the had a visit from a neighboring kingdom. The King had arranged for a banquet to welcome them. Lena and her father were waiting in the parlor of their cozy castle for the arrival of the esteemed King and his daughter.  Then they walked in and at the sight of the other princess Serena, Lena watched as all the man servants began to stand up straighter and immediately one pulled up a chair for her. She smiled ever so slyly. The whole time during their talk Lena was watching furiously from her seat as all of the man servants were waiting upon the other princess and staring at her exposed chest. Lena looked down at her petite body and upon the other princess’s tall, proportioned figure. The man servants had never been that way around her before! Maybe if she looked as the other princess did she would be more loved. Lena looked at Serena’s painted face and noticed how her features shouted LOOK AT ME. That night, when her and her father usually talk this time while he was trying to tell her things she was concocting ways to steal Serena’s spotlight. “Lena, dearest, are you listening?”her father asked.

“Father, can I have some time alone.” Lena remarked, a sadness grew upon her father’s face. “Just for today, I’ll make it up!” Her father faded into the shadows of the night almost like a ghost and it felt weird without his presence. She then went into town and bought loads of makeup and went into her room and shut the door.

The next morning she came out, looking completely tainted then before. Her father then came to her in the parlor with a smiling face and when she truned to her father she exclaimed excitedly, “I decided to try a new look.”

“Dear, who is this for?” her father questioned. She then stopped and thought for a second. “Are you trying to change because you don’t have to dear, you are lovely just the way you are.” At that moment, Princess Serena came into the room, looking as good as ever. Her Father then welcomed her in and said breakfast would be ready soon and that we have another guest for breakfast. When they were eating breakfast a young gentlemen entered the room and Lena ran to him. It was her good friend, and they adored eachother.

“Lena, you look different, more beautiful than before.” her friend Fredrick stated. She rejoiced in her head at the triumph of her new look. The whole meal she did things and said things that would make her more desirable to Fredrick. She was disturbed though because the entire time he was being very attentive to Serena, to be more frank, his eyes didn’t leave her the whole time. Lena became worried and that night she ran to her father exclaiming she thought she has lost Fredricks friendship. Her father was just telling her to be herself and be patient and that after anything happens he would take care of her. She entered the hall and saw Serena behind the piano forte in the parlor and Fredrick was watching from a distance. She then stood up and walked towards him, what happened next made Fredrick seem like a mindless zombie in control of Serena. She was heartbroken and had to fond some way to win Fredrick back. She passed her father’s room on the way with an angry look but inside she was hurting.

“What’s wrong Lena, come to me and I will comfort you.” her father said softly and with so much love.

“Nothing, something I can just do myself.”

“Well, I am here if you need help. You know I love you no matter how you look or how smart you are right?” Lena stopped cold but her mind went back to herself and how she was to reel Fredrick in. she passed the room Serena was staying in and raided her closet for clothes that would cause Fredrick’s eyes to look upon her. She could not let Serena be better than her. She was better anyways, right?

The next night there was a party and she wore the dress. Her father looked at her sadly and said, “Dear, who is this for, don’t you care about the opinion of your father anymore? I haven’t even talked with you for a week and our kingdom is suffering right now due to your lack of your job.”

“Father, can’t I have the spotlight for tonight? Can’t you just let me do this on my own?” Again, he seemed to fade into the background and she didn’t see her father the whole night. As she approached the ball, she could feel the eyes of the men upon her and when she approached Fredrick his eyes scanned her body.

“Wow, Lena you look amazing.” she loved that attention and Fredrick began to touch her in the same ways he had Serena and she  wanted more and more of that attenion. She did not want the night to end. She felt entirely dependent on keeping Fredricks eyes on her. Alas, when the night was done she walked into her home and it seemed colder than normal. The darkness almost seemed to swallow her as she lay in bed. She wished she was back in Fredricks arms, there she felt loved, atleast for a while. She remembered the days when she was more commited to her relationship with her father and how she always felt love, never in the darkness and confused. She longed to talk to him and approached his door. The familiar soft glow from the fore shown under the door. She almost knocked, but she had been so rude to him. She did not feel worthy of his presence anymore…

Jealousy can swallow us whole. Lena started out with a kingdom that she let her King take charge of. Think of this kingdom as the kingdom we have inside of us.

“Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom, you have recieved from God. You are not your own, you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.” 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

You can think of it in this case as our inner sanctuary that Jesus rules over and the place where we find him in all of his power and talk with him. When Lena begins to compare herself with Serena, her focus becomes herself instead of on her father, in this case Jesus. The more she compares and is jealous and tries to compete, the farther she is from God, because of her own selfishness. She ends up loosing herself behind all the makeup and revealing clothes, trying to desperately to get what Serena has. At the end, after getting what she wanted, she feels as empty as ever and realizes what she had with her father(Jesus) was the greatest love she ever had. Jesus’ love is the love the remains when we are all alone.

So the lesson we can learn is to stray away from the world’s perspective of wanting and getting more will make you complete. We are already Jesus’s princesses. If we find ourselves in Jesus and not in others and trying to be more like Him, we will know how deep His love is.



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