Shopping for Spring Clothes



a bright floral dress under a light grey cardigan and cinched with a belt

Spring is my FAVORITE most FUN time to shop for clothes. Why? Well, first of all the color spectrum is much more bright and light. I have done season color analysis for my hair and skin tone to see what colors look best on my skin tone and it was SPRING. This didn’t mean like pastels but more like clear colors. Think of a soft, sunny, golden yellow or a blue as clear as the sky. I figured colors that weren’t so saturated, like most winter clothing colors are. So I looked for colors that complimented my skin tone. You can has the most boring trendy clothes but if they are the right colors they can light you up!

When shopping for Spring clothes, even though the colors are more clear, still search for colors for your skin tone. Click the link in the previous paragraph if you haven’t already to go to an easy, free season color analysis. Search for colors that preferably AREN’T BLACK. Most likely you already have black anyways so why add more? For base colors of outfits (for like jackets or pants or shoes) stick to light navys, and greys. Also what is really pretty are ivory, cream, or pure white. If you have a question about dark jeans, in my opinion, dark wash jeans are fabulous all year round! The next thing is the weight of the material, or thickness. I love sales too, but most times they have winter clothes on display so try to stray from picking too bulky of a sweater or jacket. If it is too bulky you won’t want to wear it because you’ll get icky, so that might as well sit in your closet until fall.

Another one of my favorite parts of Spring is you can wear DRESSES!! In the winter you can occasionly, but you don’t want to freeze your tush off. I think the most flattering length on all women is the right above the knee or at the knee. Definitely look for brighter colored dresses. If you are afraid they will not match anything, but this is why we buy basic, staple-colored cardigans! So definitely go and get a cardigan in light navy, light grey, or cream/ivory/white this season. It will becaome the staple for your whole spring wardrobe.

FLORALS are HUGE this season. Don’t be afraid to snatch that dress you love even if you think it looks like your grandmas. I’ve seen alot of things on young people that are on my grandma! Just slip a bright contrasting belt with it or flip on a cardigan over it.In this picture(above), the only thing I would suggest would be possibly no tights or long socks and maybe a bright colored belt, if you live in warmer climate.

Now lets get to the part where I show you a few things I bought for the Spring. Since I decded to go to rack stores like Ross or Marshalls I made a list of the things I was looking for in the categories WANT and NEED. If you are not much of a patient or dedicated shopper who likes to go through racks, I recommend the mall or a department store. On my need list I put the following items: Light Spring Jacket, light cream cardigan, print skirt, dress black pants(I needed them for a performance in my jazz ensemble OK?). Then, on my want list all I can remember putting is: floral chiffon blouse, maxi dress(or knee), pencil skirt… What I found after a faithful 3 hours between Ross and Marshalls were:

A simple sunny yellow shirt, a light off-white trench coat, a cream cardigan(its long and oversized style), and green maxidress.












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