Cherished Heart…the beginning

I have long awaited a blog, more like to stay dedicated to one. I am eventually going to have my own custom theme, but it is trickier than i thought. I only have small html and css knowledge so it is difficult. This blog isn’t exactly going to be about my life and useless details. More like the journey, and my walk with God. I am writing this blog not for just my own pleasure or venting but to touch someone or reach out. I will of, course have certain blog posts that are just about my day or a certain trip or event, but in my opinion, most people will probably find it boring reading about anothers life. Unless it relates to them of course. I know that others like to feel understood and have connection, so this is one purpose of this blog.

You will also see poetry, short stories and also fashion bits. These are things that I love and want to share. When I say fashion, I don’t mean just pictures or something, I mean honest opinions on certain outfits or trends and also recommendations. I will have “fashionology” moments. I want to keep this blog really open, meaning with topics so it can relate to many people. With short stories and poetry, they won’t come that often unless I have some spark of inspiration, but keep checking back for one.

What I hope to achieve from having this blog is just the greatness of using my forte’s to reach out to others and to inspire others. Also, to inform of course.



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