A musical, barnacles, and chopsticks

Spring Break was awesome.

What I love is that it was filled with activites, that were great and fulfilling. The first thing, that I REALLY looked foward to is going camping at Bodega Bay. It is a place in California where there are beautiful, not overpopulated, beaches. It usually is pretty foggy and rainy but for the time we were there it was like 70 degrees. It only rained the day we left. The bset oart about that trip was that my best friend got to go. I hadn’t had any good time with her for while so it was great. Some of the great things there were, of course, the beach. The relaxing atmosphere, crashing waves, and the beaming sunshine was such a good change. I even took like an hour nap on the beach!  This one beach we went to had a trail you could go down for miles and slopey cliffs you could climb down. My friend, my dad, and I slowly made our way down a small cliff, sliding on our butts to get there. then I saw one of the things I can’t stand to look at for more than a second. It is the barnacles and oysters lodged on the sides of sea rocks. Sonce the tide was low, they were everywhere!



Looking at this makes my skin crawl and the walls seem to close in and I feel outnumbered, weird ain’t it. I have the same thing with bee hives but not as bad. This beach was the kind that was covered with seaweed and had that coarse sand from such a low tide. My friend and I just stood there speechless gazing out on the beauty. We literally couldn’t say anything, just sighs were heard and a droopy, dreamy eye fixing on the horizon. The next thing that happened was scary. My brother and best friend were climbing the slopey cliffs, and I was hesitant about it because I get frantic about falling. It not like it was super high, just a place others have probably climbed before. I climbed half the way and then exclaimed to my brother, “I just can’t do this!” I cam glad I didn’t. We really just hung around and then ate at a fish and chips place.

The other thing that was great was my church’s youth group on Wednesday. I help lead worship in my youth group ABSOLUTE. About two-thirds of our youth group was gone, due to it being spring break. God’s spirit moved so greatyl through worship and altar prayer afterwards. The message was on “absolute FORGIVENESS” how we are forgiven through Christ and we can just go to him without fear of judgement to confess our sins. Also It was how we keep things from God and this creates a roadblock in our relationship with him. Another great point was how we need to forgive ourselves. This just shows it doesn’y matter how many people there are, God’s spirit can move!

I also went shopping but I will post that in another entry! The other great thing of my break was that I was in my church’s easter musical. I was excited that I had a solo but my hope was that it would reach out to the congregation. I was sort of tired of it becasue I had practiced it many many times. It did touch people, especially us up on the stage. The great thing about our choir is that they truly worship and don’t rely on just the performance. Let’s just say it was anointed. Amny people got saved easter sunday and I got the wear a comfy robe and go bare foot!(lol)

The concluding of my break is on Monday I had a early morning jazz ensemble practice. I had no school monday but we had an 8am practice. Murray has been suprisingly relaxed! One thing I dreaded about that day is that we were supposed to bring back CDs that we borrowed from him. The last memory I had was putting it in my backpack long ago to return. I tore my room apart looking for it and every room in the house. I had all my things to say to him then I saw it on his desk and told my teacher, “You have no idea how relieved i am to find this on your desk!” I and I was carefree for the rest of practice. He took us all to lunch and I got Chinese and got to eat with my favorite utensil chopsticks! 

I finally feel that I am connecting with my other ensemble members on a level of no tension. I have realized that they are people just as I am. They have struggles and quirks and needs. They all have that void also, a good chance to be a good friend to them, thats what I hope to do to show God’s love. Guess what movie I saw with my mom? I went and saw  The Hannah Montana movie! You probably just think some juvenile tween film but it was actually really good! I will post a review on this film within the next few days! My mom is so sweet crying at the movie and all!

I had a fabulous, fulfilling, adventurous spring break!



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